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Sound Examples


Here are some examples of my work for you to sample.  I strive to always challenge myself and expand my palette sonically.  As a result,  you will find a wide variety of different music below.  Some pieces are quite minimalist and lean more toward texture/atmosphere than cohesive traditional songs.  Others will sound very structured.  


I've found that in music production,  it's helpful to be versatile and what may work for a particular scene may not always work for an "underscore",  so I try to present a broad sampling to give you an idea of my range.  If you hear something that strikes a chord,  please feel free to contact me,  because I am always adding to my catalog,  and I absolutely love working with directors to write scores for their films.  Getting to be a part of the film production process and adding mood/texture to a film is one of my greatest pleasures in life.  

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